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It is uneasy to determine whether your air ducts require immediate cleaning or not as air ducts are mainly hidden behind your walls. For that reason, most homeowners ignore cleaning it although their vital importance. However, by having your air ducts & vents cleaned, this will help you overcome lots of health hazards & enhance your indoor air quality.

Houston TX Carpet Cleaning Pro is the best among air duct cleaning companies in Texas and near you. We are never going to charge you as long as your air ducts in a good and perfect case. Thus, we offer our customers a free estimate with no obligations if air duct cleaning is what they really need, give us a call now!

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Get Rid of Your Tough Carpet Stains with Our Green Cleaning.

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Preserve The Original Colors of Your Favorite Coach & Loveseat.

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The air duct is the main part of your HVAC system that works as your house “lungs”. It is very important to keep your air ducts always clean & healthy regularly by asking a professional & best air duct cleaning as Houston TX Carpet Cleaning Pro for help at keeping your house clean & safe.

Dust, pet dander, pollen, bacteria, and mold flow through your HVAC system & recirculate from 5:7 times daily. This won’t only increase your illness chances but also cause you serious buildup inside your air ducts that will make it less efficient and increase your energy bills. Your indoor air quality is an extremely important thing!

At our firm, we use only a negative air duct cleaning method that meets the high standards of NADCA for health impacts. This process seals your air ducts to prevent debris, dirt and other contaminations from getting into your house. With us, we ensure you a complete and effective inspection of your HVAC system.

The Cheapest Air Duct Cleaning Process!

Houston TX Carpet Cleaning Pro’s highly professional cleaners can completely remove all indoor air pollutants inside your ducts as bacteria & allergens by using lots of steps. First, they will inspect your ducts by taking photos from inside your ducts. By doing this they will determine the ideal cleaning technique for your house.

Then, our techs will connect our negative air system to your air ducts or furnace to provide you with the best furnace vent cleaning. This system is the ideal & top effective technique to absorb all dirt & debris contaminants inside your ducts. Next, the cleaning process of the HVAC system by using powerful equipment to extract all ducts.

While debris removing process, we apply HEPA filters to ensure healthy air returns into your house. Once we finish the cleaning process, we ensure you well-functioning HVAC system. Within a matter of mins, our cleaners will leave you with clean, healthy, safe air ducts for your family at the cheapest air duct cleaning cost in Houston, Texas.

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